Filming Under Way In Kastel Gomilica


Filming in Croatia started a few days and the town of Kastel Gomilica seems to be the first on the list. When filming first started some photos were posted on showing more of the set and some extras in costume.

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Head on over to for the entire gallery of photos.

Since then, some more notable cast members have been seen on set filming.  For those images go below the break – some of it may be considered spoilerish if you don’t want to know anything about what is coming in season 5.

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Telltale Games Teases Upcoming Game of Thrones Game

033835Telltale Games Tweeted out this picture teasing us for the upcoming Game of Thrones game.  Now like any Telltale game this Game of Thrones game will be released episodically, starting later this year.

Telltale is obviously emphasizing “Forrester” being enlarged in the picture, and being the only quoted text in Telltale Games tweet.  We know that the game will take place inside of the same timeline as HBO’s show. It also seems that Telltale Games is trying to emphasize how every decision impacts the smallfolk.  In an interview with Digital Trends, Dan Connors the found of Telltale said this:

There’s so much going on and it’s so rich. Every decision that King Joffrey makes impacts so many people. Any microcosm in that world [looking at how] people are affected by the decisions that are made plays out across the whole thing

There are a few ideas I have on this teaser, of course all of it is speculation as nothing has been confirmed yet.  Telltale Games is obviously drawing our attention to House Forrester, but why?  There isn’t that much that we know about House Forrester, what we do know is that House Forrester sworn to House Glover.  Now i season 2/A Clash with Kings Deepwood Motte, the seat of House Glover, was the first target of the Ironborn’s invasion of the North.  This also ties back into why they would be using the #IronFromIce hasthag, because it was the Ironborn who attacked Deepwood Motte.  So maybe the story would start off with Deepwood Motte being attacked and House Forrester dealing with the repercussions.

As with all Telltale Games the main concentration is not the action, but rather its the characters, dialogue, and relationships.  This entry point into the story would give us a lot to play with.  Also putting the player into the shoes of a smaller house like House Forrester would be a great way to show the effects everything has on the smallfolk.  But as I mentioned before this is all just an idea, nothing has been confirmed yet.

So what do you think?  Let me know your ideas down below!


Mark Gatiss Returning for Season 5


Last week Entertainment Weekly announced that Mark Gatiss (Tycho Nestoris) would be returning for season 5 of Game of Thrones.  Tycho Nestoris was the Iron Banker who met with Stannis and Davos – and in doing so backed Stannis Baratheon.

Because Gatiss has such a busy year – also filming for Doctor Who and Sherlock – I wonder if his screen time in season 5 will be equal to that of season 4.  In season 4 he appeared for only one episode, and in that episode “The Laws of Gods and Men” only appeared on screen for a few minutes.  Regardless of how much screen time Gatiss will get I’m looking forward to seeing the show give more time to the Iron Bank.

Spoilers for A Feast for Crows below the break!

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Vila Dalmacija Set Preparation


Set preparation in Vila Dalmacija has been added to the list of filming locations for season 5 of Game of Thrones.  It appears that Vila Dalmacija will be representing Dorne in season 5, according to sources from Watchers on the Wall.  If the source is correct that Vila Dalmacija will be used for Dornish scenes I’ll be happy.  I like the yellow paint, and the brickwork that has been completed so far.

Thanks to we get a look at some of the preperations going on at Vila Dalmacija.

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Sophie Turner the New Face of Karen Millen’s Autumn/Winter Campaign

Karen Millen has been teasing who there new star would be for the their Autumn/Winter Campaign.  Karen Millen had been releasing teaser videos and photos on their Instagram profile asking the public “Who is she?”

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We finally know now that the red-headed girl is none other than Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner.  Check out some of Sophie’s photos showing off the new style from Karen Millen.

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Below the break you can also check out their campaign film “The Journey” and an interview with Sophie Turner.

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Primetime Emmys Roundup


Well the Emmys have come to an end, and unfortunately Game of Thrones didn’t pick up any wins tonight – aside from the Creative Art Emmy Awards, which won them a total of 4 Emmys.

Game of Thrones was competing in five major categories:

  • Outstanding Drama Series
    • Lost to Breaking Bad
  • Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series – Lena Headey
    • Lost to Anna Gunn – Breaking Bad
  • Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series – Peter Dinklage
    • Lost to Aaron Paul – Breaking Bad
  • Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series – David Benioff and D.B. Weiss
    • Lost to Moira Walley-Beckett – Ozymandias” – Breaking Bad
  • Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series – Neil Marshall
    • Lost to Cary Joji Fukunaga – True Detective

Breaking Bad had their final season nominated for the Emmys this year, and as some had predicted they cleaned house at the award ceremony.  It would have been nice to see Game of Thrones win something after such an amazing season, but there’s always next year…when Breaking Bad wont be competing.

One good this we got from the Emmys, was pictures of the stars on the Red Carpet.  Check them out below!

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New Set Photos from Kaštel Gomilica


We have some new photos of the set design in our newest filming location, Kaštel Gomilica.  None of these new pictures have confirmed what this will be used to represent in Game of Thrones - But I think it has the making of Braavos.

The following galleries go in order of oldest to newest, to allow you to visually follow the developments being made!

This set of photos from shows us the development going on in the alleyways and around the waterfront.

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In a newer set of photos shared by Croatia’s Jutarnji List, initially spotted by Watchers on the Wall, we can see Kaštel Gomilica’s waterfront set going under some more development.  Also in this set of photos we can see that the Lannister-Baratheon house sigil – originally visible in the above gallery – has been completely covered with stone.

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I think the fact that they are spending so much time developing the waterfront set adds to the likelihood of this being Braavos.  I’m just very curious as to why they covered up the Lannister-Baratheon house sigil.

So do you agree that this set will be used for Braavos in season 5, if not what do you think it will be used for?  Also why do you think they covered up the Lannister-Baratheon house sigil?  Let me know your thoughts below!