Telltale’s Game of Thrones Game Coming This Year

telltale-games-game-of-thrones-gameTelltale Games community and PR specialists Laura Perusco recently announced, on Twitter, that the Game of Thrones game being developed by Telltale will be out within the year.  There is no set date for the release, just that the first episode (for details on how telltale game episode work check out this post) will be released within the year 2014.  Knowing that the game should be out in a month or two, makes me extremely excited, I absolutely cannot wait to get my hands on the first good Game of Thrones video game.  If you haven’t played The Walking Dead game developed by Telltale, I highly recommend it.

Not much else is really known about the game yet.  Back in August we got our first real tease about the game – and then just about two weeks ago we got our second tease, both with the #IronFromIce.  You can check out those two teaser images below – and also my analysis on the first teaser picture here.

Hopefully with Laura’s Twitter announcement, we’ll be getting some more information released soon.  Check back within the week for my post analyzing and predicting what we can expect from the game, going off of the two quotes in the teaser pictures.

Robert’s Rebellion

If you were on the edge about buying the upcoming book The World of Ice and Fire, and you just weren’t sure if it was something you wanted, well hold on.  Vulture has just released a brand new excerpt from the book. This time covering a piece of history that is bit more well known to, even, show watchers.  That is the history of Robert’s Rebellion – and I can tell you personally this except is just a little over 2 pages of the book (the book totaling 308, not including appendices).  So take a read, and hopefully if you weren’t already sold on this amazing book you are now.


What followed Prince Rhaegar’s infamous abduction of Lyanna Stark was the ruin of House Targaryen. The full depth of King Aerys’s madness was subsequently revealed in his depraved actions against Lord Stark, his heir, and their supporters after they demanded redress for Rhaegar’s wrongs. Instead of granting them fair robert-baratheon-the-world-of-iceand-firehearing, King Aerys had them brutally slain, then followed these murders by demanding that Lord Jon Arryn execute his former wards, Robert Baratheon and Eddard Stark. Many now agree that the true start of Robert’s Rebellion began with Lord Arryn’s refusal and his courageous calling of his banners in the defense of justice. Yet not all the lords of the Vale agreed with Lord Jon’s decision, and soon fighting broke out as loyalists to the crown attempted to bring Lord Arryn down.

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George R.R. Martin LiveStream Event

CS 67 26th October 2010Hopefully you were able to watch George R.R. Martin’s livestream event yesterday – but if you weren’t able to make it, don’t worry we have the recording for you.  The whole event lasted about 90 minutes, and if you’r a fan of George and the Song of Ice and Fire series you’ll love it.  Also the last little bit of the event was a Q&A – Oddly enough I thought the questions George passed on were more informational than the actual questions he gave an answer for. g.

Below are just a few pieces of information I found interesting from the event.

  • In the book The World of Ice and Fire, the narrative comes from two maesters.  The first is maester Yandel, who represents the parts of the book written by Elio Garcia and Linda Antonsson.  The second is archmaester Gyldayn, who is the voice for George R.R. Martin.
  • George R.R. Martin wrote 300,00 words (in addition to the 70,000 words written by Elio and Linda) for The World of Ice and Fire.  Only a part of the 300,00 words made in into the actual book – the rest will be published in Fire and Blood, which has also been joked around as the GRRMarillion.
  • I previously wrote an article on this next piece.  George announced (although it didn’t feel like an official announcement) that A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms would be released later this fall.  For more information on the book check out this post.
  • George also mentioned the inspirations for a few pieces of the Song of Ice and Fire universe.  Such as the Roman Republic being his inspiration for the Valyrian stronghold.  And Tiberius Caesar (more specifically, George Baker’s representation of Tiberius in I, Claudius) being his inspiration for Stannis Baratheon.   Also George’s trip to Hadrian’s Wall gave him the idea for The Wall.

These are just a few pieces of information gained from the livestream event.  So if this sounds interesting to you check out the recording of the event here!


Emilia Clarke’s Birthday?


With filming wrapping up in Osuna, Spain the cast and crew got Emilia Clarke a birthday cake..or more precisely a name day cake.  This would be the actresses 28th, but the catch is the controversy whether or not this was actually her birthday.

Several other sites have claimed that it was in fact Emila’s birthday, while others say that it’s not .  Google has Emilia Clarke’ birthday as May 1 (now I know, you can’t always trust the internet) – but back when Emilia was turning 26, The Huffington Post wrote an article for the actresses birthday, in which they specified her birthday as March 1.


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The World of Ice and Fire Giveaway!


Lately I’ve been talking quite a lot about the upcoming book The World of Ice and Fire, whether its sample pages that have been released, or individual facts of ice and fire from Harper Voyager.  However, this post is much different from those – if you have liked our Facebook page, or follow us on Twitter you’r probably already aware of this – but we are currently running a giveaway for The World of Ice and Fire.  So if your interested in winning a free copy of the book click the link and enter for a chance to win!


The World of Ice and Fire Sample Pages


Just a few more days until the release of The World of Ice and Fire.  For those of you out there who are like me, and just cannot wait to get your hands on some new Game of Thrones material, your in luck!  Barnes & Noble has just released a few new display pages from the The World of Ice and Fire.

However there is a catch, I was only able to clearly read the “Kings of Winter” page.  With the other pages, when I zoom in to read them the text gets to distorted to clearly read the words.  However they are still beautiful to look at.  So check out the pages below and let me know if you had better luck reading them.

Also to hold you over until Tuesday, check out my other post as I track Harper Voyager as they tweet out Facts of Ice and Fire, from the The World of Ice and Fire book.  

You can also enter the giveaway we are currently running for a chance to win The World of Ice and Fire!

George R.R. Martin Livestream


Mark your calendars!  With the release of The World of Ice and Fire just around the corner, George is making his final appearance in New York.   I talked about this earlier, so if you’d like all the details check that article out – this is more of a reminder to everyone.

The 92Y will be offering a livestream of the event – so if you didn’t spend $100+ on a ticket (which are still available) you’ll still be able to watch the event live from the comfort of your home.  The event will be taking place on October 26 at 8PM EST.  You can also leave your comments in the discussion going on  below the livestream and hopefully George will answer it.

So will you be watching the livestream, or are you one of lucky few who’ll actually be the event?  And if you could have George answer any question (not pertaining to future books) what would it be?  Let me know your thoughts on these questions, and anything else, in the comments below!

Daznak’s Pit Pictures


New pictures have surfaced showing the filming that is currently underway in Osuna, Spain for the fifth season of Game of Thrones.  Pictured above is the infamous bull ring which will be used to represent Daznak’s Pit in Meereen.

With these new pictures I’m a bit hesitant to say anything else, just for spoiler reasons.  So for the real meat of this post you’ll have to go below the break.  But be warned this post will be very spoiler heavy if you have not read through A Dance with Dragons…and even if you have read the books this could still be spoilery.  The below pictures show something that I don’t think any book reader would’ve expected to see this soon in the show – as it’s something we haven’t even seen in the books yet.

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